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Linea art platform

Redefining how you engage with art


Unbiased art selections based
on your tastes


Equal opportunity for all artists through community-curation

Digital Galleries

Create and share art collections that resonate, using artboards


Connect with artists and art lovers
through direct messaging


Earn royalties through easy


Enjoy transparent pricing and verified ownership

“Linea's going to change the way I find and connect with artists, making supporting them easier”

Ozana Timar -  Art Collector

Linea art platformLinea art platformLinea art platform

Our mission

To create a more accessible, equitable and transparent art industry

Art discovery & collection

Our social marketplace for visual art is a user-friendly, immersive platform that seamlessly connects artists and art lovers. By blending the dynamics of social networking with the easy purchasing of a marketplace, we've streamlined the process of discovering and collecting art.

We are committed to enhancing artists' visibility and relieving them of the demands of traditional social media platforms. Our search features counter algorithmic biases, granting access to a diverse spectrum of artists and styles. Simultaneously, we offer art lovers the opportunity to explore art ad-free and empower them to connect and directly purchase from vetted artists.

Transparency & provenance 

We provide comprehensive insights into pricing and sales history, fostering confidence in art collection. Trace the complete journey and origin of artworks, eliminating uncertainties tied to online art purchases.

Quality & authenticity

We prioritise quality and authenticity. Our platform rigorously vets every artist, and each artwork comes with dual authentication certificates – both physical and digital. Detailed condition reports guarantee the artwork retains its visual integrity in real life.

Safe, insured transactions

Collectors can enjoy worry-free art collecting and selling experiences with our emphasis on security. Our platform ensures the safety of your artwork through insured shipping and secure transaction processes. Your art investments are safeguarded at every step.

Secondary sales

To provide artists and art lovers with an all-in-one platform, users can sell and buy art on the secondary market through Linea. Sellers will receive 87% of the artwork sale price, and artists will take home 10%.


We embrace a community-centric ethos, challenging exclusivity and wealth disparities within the art world. Our community-curated art marketplace is shaped by a diverse community, representing a multitude of voices, perspectives, and creative expressions.

Audience building & artist insights

Our social networking features and rich user profiling enable users to establish trust and friendships with their peers while gaining invaluable insights into artists' stories and motivations. Through our collaborative features, all users have the opportunity to build a broad audience and create their own micro-communities.

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